Roobi is an exciting new music video production and streaming start-up founded by experienced production professionals, musicians and music lovers. Our mission is to enable upcoming and niche talent to engage and grow their fanbase by making high quality content available to a global audience – and ultimately to provide valuable additional income. Streaming has been invaluable during the pandemic, and we believe that it will continue to be an important complement to the physical audience experience.
We have a growing team of exceptional professionals who share our passion for live music. Roobi has invested in the latest high quality 4K video rigs and has established partnerships with venues to gain access to performance spaces at reduced cost. With these elements in place, we can provide very high-quality productions at a reasonable cost. We also love to collaborate on the creative direction of bigger projects and have a strong background in finance, with a network of investors who we may be able to attract to help fund ambitious projects.  We think we are unique. Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our artists

Roobi is working with a rapidly expanding list of incredible artists.  We have already broadcast live ticketed streams, hosted bands on our regular subscription channel, provided executive production and creative collaboration, and produced music videos.
Anna Wolf + Annabel Allum + Arch Garrison + Between Sons  + Biig Piig + Bryde + Caiine + Clerques  + The Clockworks + Couples + The Damn Shebang + Desmerelda + Eleni Drake + Emily Jones + Enjoyable Listens + Enny Integrity + Fase Heads + Family Jools + Genn + George Smiley + Hardwicke Circus + Helve + Hollie Rogers + Hongza + Hot Sauce Pony + The Howlers + The Institutes + Jekyll + Joe Acres + Juliet Wood + JW Paris + KIN + Latenight Honeymoon + Laura Marling + Les Bods + Longy + Loose Tongues + Lame Boy + Luvia + Memes + National Service + Sarpa Salpa + Nayanna IZ  + Panixphere + Penelope Isles + Pete Gordeno + Phantom Isle  + Polarized Eyes + The Pylons + The Radio Science Orchestra  + Rhys Eccles + Salvation Jayne + Seeva + Shaun O’Reilly + SNAYX + Spratleys Japs + Tally Spear + Third Lung + Tiger Mimic + Tom Tyler + The Tzukettes + The Velvet Hands + Vigilantes + Vin Goodwin + Wife Swap USA